Published Work

Miss Moore's Christmas Scandal

Ever since she created a scandal at a Christmas ball, Charlotte Moore has dreaded the return of the holiday. For her, it was another reminder that she didn't quite fit into the confining mold of a proper young lady. This year, at a small Christmas party, Charlotte is tasked with proving to her family that she can behave within society's expectations or be permanently exiled to her aunt's rural manor.

Charlotte is determined to stifle her unladylike urges and act the perfect debutante. But then the very cause of her past scandal comes knocking at the door and it has in tow the daring, dashing, devil-may-care Henry Simmons.

The rules say to stay away. They say it's not proper to play games at midnight or get caught alone under the mistletoe. They also say Charlotte laughs too loud, dances the wrong dance, and shouldn't play with fire.

The more time she spends with the handsome rogue, the more she wonders whether staying on society's nice list is worth losing the joy in life. Can Charlotte find happiness within the rules or will following her heart be her biggest scandal yet?

Miss Locke's Christmas Secret

She has a secret...

Three years ago, a rake stumbled into Amelia's bedroom, forcing her to cover up the scandal and hide it even from her family. Now at a Christmas party hosted by none other than said rake, Amelia is torn between staying the proper wallflower with a secret or blooming into the woman she was on that fateful night so long ago.

He is an open book...

Lord Sudbury, a recently reformed rake, knows that the quiet woman in the drab dress hides a fierce personality. Partnered together in a contest at his Christmas party, he is determined to figure out more than just the mystery game's clues.

Not everyone is as they seem...

Together again, their personalities clash and the closer they get to winning the game, the more Amelia worries that a rake's curiosity will lead to her ruin.

A Regency romance novella.

Despite the loss of her family's fortune, Arabella Williams has endeavored to maintain the appearance of respectability. When a family's debt is called in and they cannot afford to pay, Arabella decides to risk the last thing she truly possesses: her reputation.

Cyrus Dryden is suspicious of everyone and he has the scars to remind him of why. After years of distancing himself from polite society and embarking on voyages to far off places, he has embraced his gruff exterior and has no intention of behaving the gentleman for anyone, including the innocently seductive Miss Williams.

Can Arabella tame the boorish manners of this arrogant duke or has she truly placed her reputation into the hands of a beast?

A clean Regency Romance.

The Ghost and the Governess

When her carriage breaks down during a rainstorm, Cecilia Penhollow seeks shelter in an ancient stone castle. But that is only the start to her troubles as something in the castle calls to her in a way she can't ignore. An old journal hints at something more sinister than even she could have imagined: If you are reading this, then I am likely dead. 

Romance Author Versus Blurb

Creative and wildly passionate Romance Author has written a wonderful work of art. Now Author dreams of selling her novel. 

Pesky Blurb secretly wants to be epic. After severe procrastination, Author finally faces Blurb under the stress of a blinking cursor.

But Blurb refuses to be written without a solid plan. Can Author find a six-step process before Blurb falls into confusion and chaos?